Hemp is not Marijuana.

Is it Marijuana? What is hemp extract or commonly called CBD oil?

Hemp and marijuana are essentially just different strains of the cannabis sativa plant. Other than some different physical characteristics between the two plants the major difference is that hemp plants contain less than 0.3% of the psychoactive compound THC. THC is what causes users to feel high. For reference marijuana strains contain 5-35% THC. Our extracts are refined and possess no THC at all.

Hemp extract, is an oil extracted from the entire hemp plant. The extract is considered full spectrum when it contains all of the 113 cannabinoids (CBD), omega fatty acids, chlorophyll, flavonoids, terpenes and legal trace amounts of THC. Many companies isolate a single cannabinoid into a powder form and call it “CBD Oil” after mixing it with something like MCT oil. To many this is considered fake CBD oil because the full spectrum oil produces an “entourage effect” meaning they all work better together.

With most full spectrum extracts you risk ingesting the very low level of THC contained in the extract and this could cause issues with employment. This is a deterrent to many potential customers because of the risk of a false positive on a drug test. Although false positives are rare we refine out all trace amounts of THC as seen in our third party testing results.

Hemp does not get you “High”

How does it effect the body?

Thats a good question….Doubters believe it be a modern snake oil or just a placebo..

A quick google or youtube search will confirm its abilities in extreme cases like seizures and Parkinson’s disease.

Since it is not FDA approved we cannot make any claims to its effectiveness but at the very least it is a tool to help you enjoy the outdoors more.

With that being said humans have an ENDOCANNABINOID system found throughout the body and comprised of CB1 & CB2 receptors. The receptors are found throughout the body but concentrated in the brain and central nervous system. The Endocannabinoid system receives cannabinoids produced inside the body and is essential to our health. The cannabinoids produced in our body are called endogenous cannabinoids.

Hemp and other plants contain what are called phytocannabinoids that mimic the action of our endogenous cannabinoids and our bodies readily absorb them.

Hemp extract is legal.

Is it Legal?

Check your local state regulations. In New York Hemp and hemp extract is legal if it contains less than .3% THC and ours contains none! The owner of Prodigy Outdoors is employed through a Union and does not drink alcohol if that helps to ensure the products authenticity.