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Prodigy Outdoors LLC sources the highest quality organic hemp extract from hemp that is grown and refined in Colorado. Sportsman can buy with confidence because our products are THC free and employer friendly. Prodigy Outdoors is a pioneer in the industry to shed light on the benefits of full spectrum hemp extract to outdoorsman.

As sportsman we take matters in our own hands, we are the backbone of this country but we are human too and we still have basic needs. What if there was a solution to put you back into the game?

Hemp extract products are just another tool in your turkey vest or tackle box to help you continue to do what you love or get back to doing what you love which is enjoying the outdoors.


Our Proprietary Process

Our hemp is organically grown and processed in Colorado using a 7 step process!

Step 1: Organic Farming :) our hemp starts off on the right foot by using strict farming practices in colorado.

Step 2: Once harvested raw hemp is dried and stored in warehouses until we need it for production. It is then milled into a coarse powder.

Step 3: We use a proprietary hemp extraction purification process to ensure a full spectrum product that includes the naturally occuring flavonoids, terpenes and amino acids.
These combined create the “entourage effect!”

Step 4.) The oil is distilled to separate the food grade ethanol from the hemp extract.

Step 5.) Legal traces of THC may occur and although the quantity is too minimal to feel its psychoactive effects we refine the extract to remove all of the THC and other unwanted compounds including wax, Chlorophyll and plant pigments.

Step 6.) Every batch is tested twice and the results are made available to the customer!

Step 7.) Products such as the 25mg soft gels with curcumin are are nanoemulsified to 25-60 nanometers making them more bioavailable.



Prodigy Outdoors originally started in 2012 in the form of outdoor video production by Tim Cool. He was in college and dreamed of videoing his experiences across North America. Tim has led an overall successful life with his several college diplomas, his career and pope & young caliber animals but has always struggled with overthinking which has led to depression.

After trying Rx medication for a few months and taking it everyday hesitantly Tim began to look for more natural remedies. Tim discovered Hemp extract/ CBD as an option to help with depression but it appeared too good to be true. After months of research he purchased and used hemp extract for the first time. The results were astonishing to him because he felt normal again and his clouded brain became clearer. It wasnt long before Tim met other people that use hemp extract. In addition he was able to introduce others to it with great success.

After a year it was apparent that there needs to be more people speaking about its benefits and shedding light on the truths about hemp.


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